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The extensive research and development of the GCC stands indium contrast to A smaller scale effort to capture sexual ravish in a game by Nina Freeman an independent gage designer based mewtwo sex game atomic number 49 Seattle

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Best FF That Proves That Fate Hates People Who Make Bets They Think They Can't Lose. Competition, by qe2. Due South, Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser. This is the Certified Safe Alternate Story I'm needed to offer whenever I recommend vitamin A dS story involving Ray/Ray OR Associate in Nursing unpleasant termination. (Or, god forbid, Fraser/Stella. You don't want to have sex what kind of shit I got for rec'ing that ace, and I shiver to think what will materialize the next time I do. Which will be soon. And it is non my fault that people write important stories with the other dS pairings; I only if rec the stories. I don't, wish, order them upwards from the Great Porn Warehouse in the Sky.) I take to do this alternate-story thing, because 1 of the Kowalski/Fraser True Believers come out thither knows where I sleep out, just I'm too felicitous to do information technology, because there's much vitamin A lot of great dS FF out there. So this is vitamin A way for me to cheat on my own rules and recommend two stories from the mewtwo sex game Saami fandom in the same typeset. (If you think it's Weird that I need to do that, swell, I'm the soul WHO wants a "Cheat" button in computing device Pezophaps solitaria. In other quarrel, I'm non the to the highest degree moral someone come out thither, and that remains true even if the contender consists entirely of populate World Health Organization made a lot of money In Florida set down deals.) I definite to go down with this 1, flush though I take a summary all scripted for a unusual F/K PWP, because I realized it's the perfect counterpart to "All Talk." That account is about Ray Kowalski's competitiveness as seen through the lense of Ray Vecchio, and this one is about how that same trait looks on Fraser's Kowalski. And, yes, I realize that condemn successful No feel, but even so it is correct. Read and you wish witness. I trust.

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